"Andishgaran Sepehr Ara" Consulting Engineers Co. established in 2004 as a joint­stock company in Iran. The company has been obtained the membership of the Society of Consulting Engineers as well as grade 1 in the orientation of structures, office buildings, commercial, industrial, military and grade 3 in oil, gas and petrochemical refinery units of vice president of strategic planning and supervision. Our company contains various engineering departments who are responsible to provide wide range of engineering services to the projects, professionally.


We prepare engineering drawings and documents fully coordinated, in a special manner, in order to ensure the completion, validation and integrity of the design. We are always looking for the best solution to fulfill the requirements of Client, in line of applicable codes and standards, by use of relevant project procedures and the experience of carefully assigned human resources.

Procurement Services:

We usually support our Clients technically, to choose, purchase, and receive the best probable goods, materials and equipment, in accordance with applicable codes and standards. Accordingly, we prepare all required documents such as technical specifications, Data sheets, Purchase order (PO), etc. as well as providing "Technical bid evaluation" (TBE) and "vendor document review" (VDR). Also we try our bests to observe the project time schedule and construction milestones entirely.

Construction Supervision:

Our company is well-known as a consulting Engineering team who cares about the quality and accuracy of the construction via organized Field Engineering Services. In addition to providing design and procurement services, we believe that perfect result comes from a perfect supervision; this is why we prefer not to leave our projects till the construction is complete. Site construction supervision is usually done by use of related procedures, in accordance with relevant codes and standards.

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